Vol. 77   N° 05   /   Mayo 2007

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Sky Watcher
By Frank S. Malits, P.E., M.ASCE
The new Satellite Operations Control Center ofthe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a testimony in concrete, steel, and glass to the organization's rol e in study­ing and protecting the environment by monitoring and controlling the nation's weather satellites. Linked to both earth and sky, the iconic structure was designed to support on its roof an array of rotating antennas that track the orbits of various satellites in geosynchronous orbit
Fringe Benefits
By Joel T Darnell, A.M.ASCE, and Daniel J. Heilman, P.E., MASCE

Constructed marshes are rarely as productive as natural ones, but a recently completed saltwater marsh in south­ern Texas has achieved success by featuring large swaths of fringe areas adjaceni to such natural pathways as tidal chan­nels, creeks, andpo'nds. Recycled nutrient-rich soils and a local nursery that provided native vegetation also helped the
­effort succeed 
Preserving the Chino Basin
By Cindy L. Miller, P.E., M.ASCE, Scott Burton, P.E., A.M.ASCE, and Ken Manning
Responding to declines in the quantity and quality of groundwater in the Chino basin, in Southern California, local agencies spearheaded an ambitious effort that included the design and construction of two desalters that use reverse­osmosis membranes and anion-exchange technology in a parallel configuration to produce significant quantities of high-quality drinking water from groundwater
Perpetuating a Pier
By Noah J. Elwood, P.E., M.ASCE, and John W Gaythwaite, P.E., MASCE
Far north of the Arctic Circle, an inspection conducted above and below water revealed that a 56-year-old floating pier-which had never been intended to remain in perma­nent service-had serious cracks in its steel-encased concrete caissons as well as other significant forms of deterioration. The solution included encasing the damaged caissons in jackets made of a steel selected for its ability to withstand the climate, as well as the addition of a cathodic protection system and a resilient fender system 
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