Vol. 194    N° 11   / Noviembre 2006

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19    Editorial: The case for design excellence
20    Letters*
37    Archrecord2: For the emerging architect

41    Critique: Battling for better architecture by Blair Karmin
47    Exhibitions: eero Saarinen's comeback
by Clifford A. Person
53   Snapshot: Broadway Cyberport by Beth Broome
267  Dates & Events*
292  Backpage: Tabula rasa in the Berkshire
by John Gendall


58   Not only Zaha by Suzanne Stephens
       What is it like to be a female architect with a solely owned firm in
       the U.S. today? Record hears firsthand from women in the field


73   Design Vaguard 2006
74   UnSangDong Architects, Korea
by Fred A. Bernstein
80   Studio Luz, Boston by David Sokol
86   BAR, the Netherlands by Tracy Metz
92   Studio SUMO, New York by David Sokol
96   Kumiko Inui, Japank by Naomi R. Pollock, AIA
100  Bercy Chen Studio, Texas by Ingrid Spencer
104  BmasC Architects, Spain by David Cohn
110  Assadi + Pulido, Chile by Beth Broome
116  WORK Aechitecture Company, New York City by Clifford
       A. Pearson
120  SeARCH, Amsterdam by Tracy Metz


129  Introduction: Hospitality by Sarah Amelar
  Marqués de Riscal Hotel, Spain by David Cohn
       Gehry Partners

136  Hotel Remota, Chile by Rusell Fortmeyer
       Germán del Sol Architects

142  The Outpost, South Africa by Sarah Amelar
        Enrico Daffonchio and Associates

146  Gramercy Park Hotel, New York city
by John Gendall
        Ian Scharger Company


153   Introduction
        by Russell Fortmeyer

155   An evolving edifice taht will improve with time
by Joann Gonchar, AIA
Envisioning the Centre for Interactive Research on sustainability.
164   When less power more By Rusell Foertmeer
170   Case study: Arup's Zero-Energy building
  Case study:
 SQM's Pearl River Tower by Russell Fortmeyer


211  Introduction
  Editor's picks
216  Prototypes
219  Top Ten Green Products
223  Concrete
225  Metal, Wood, Plastics & Composites
231  Thermal & Moisture Protection
233  Openings
237  Finishes
243  Specialties & Equipment
247  Furnishings
255  Plumbing
259  HVAC
261  Electrical & Communications
265  Special Construction & pollution control

272  Reader Service
277  AIA/CES Self- Report Form